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Relaxing Japanese bathtub

Relaxing Japanese bathtub "Shigaraki yaki"

Japanese bathtub is one of unique daily lifestyle of Japanese culture.
You will be delighted to experience in relaxing bathtub on your stay here in Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten.

Soaking deeply in a bathtub is our typical lifestyle which gives us relaxed healing and cured from daily stress by activating your body in a hot water.
As well to spend your favorite time in a bathroom as you may want complete relaxation. Distinctive feature of Shigaraki yaki pottery is smooth and sensitive touch made of sturdy and rough clay.

Your bath time in Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten surly brings you a delighted encounter with our traditional Japanese lifestyle.

Shigaraki yaki began in the Kamakura era

There are some kinds of bathtub in Japan such as Hinoki buro(bath) made of cypress wood and Goemon buro(bath) in which is heated on a direct fire.) Among these distictive features, we selected Shigaraki yaki porcelain tub which is a style of pottery produced in Shiga prefecture.

Shigaraki yaki which is well-known locally "Tanuki=raccoon dog" porcelain is one of the Six Old Kilns Japanese pottery. It is to be said to has begun in the mid of Kamakura era accordingly to industrial research. Very sturdy local clay makes available for wide range use such as water jar, seed pot,tea pot, sake bottle, fire pot and plant pot. Sigaraki yaki registered as Japanese traditional crafts in 1976 has been well-known pottery region in Japan.

Exquisite handmade bathtub

Our beautiful bathtub is made by Marumoto Pottery which you could learn process of making Shigaraki yaki.