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Happy New Year for 2015

Happy New Year for 2015!
We thank you very much for your support last year.
To host for your relaxing stay being like at home we would like to welcome you with the upper most hospitality of Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten.
So again we appreciate for your continuous support and interest through this year.

Today we talk about the month of January. By lunar calendar we call it "Mutsuki". According to one theory in this month people get together with family and their relatives and hold Utage (home party) to appreciate for the new year's day on the 1st. On the day people enjoy the time in harmony, this atmosphere is said in Japanese "Mutsu majii". Please let me introduce 2 typical events as an example of "Mutsu majii" held in Kanda Surugadai nearby of our Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten.

To pick up first is Daikoku Matsuri.(festival)

Kanda Myojin (shrine) is the day back to 1300 years.
In Edo era people such as Shogun to citizens prayed this "Edo Gurdian God" for their happiness and good relationship to develop things in harmony.
Even nowadays many people from all over Japan visit to pray Kanda Myojin Shrine to make new year's wishes, praying for "safety of the household", "good relationship (en-musubi)", "rush of business, medical health" and "good fortune Masakado" etc . En-musubi often means "marriage tie" but we can wish for any tie and good relationship to develop things in harmony.

Daikoku Matsuri is prayed for good relationship for all of the people regardless of any gender. And Kagura shi (dancer to play with sacred music at shrine) dances by dressed up Daikoku god. The event is held around day on the "Coming-of-Age Day" and Kagura waves with a small mallet above prayer's head for happiness. Pleases visit and take this opportunity for anyone can try. Daikoku Matsuri will be held on January 10th (Saturday), 11th (Sunday) and 12th (holiday)

Another event held in Kanda Myojin is "Kancyu Gaman" to cleanse newly adults with ice water. Kancyu Gaman means to have endurance by pouring ice water.
The event will be held on January 10th (Saturday) this year 2015 from 10:00AM) Additionally there is very long and distinguished history of "Knife ceremony by Shijou school", which cerebrate cooking knives used for a Japanese traditional cuisine began in Edo era. (Holding time is January 11th Sunday from noon)

Kanda Myojin

Snowmen Fair

Secondly we introduce you "Snowmen Fair" held in Kanda Ogawa-cho. Even though this is supposed to happen in snows, but you can still enjoy on sunny days. The reason why is the snows here is delivered from Tsumagoi village in Gunma prefecture. Surprisingly total quantity is almost about 80 ton!

There will be displayed more than 30 giant snowmen along the streets and people can enjoy snow slidings and experience snow caves in the snow park.

They say that snowman is designed every year by the zodiac signs and person who made much topic and appear excitingly in public. In the show park there will be some sales of typical district products from Tsumagoi village and to take footbath of natural hot spring.
Moreover you will meet Gunma chan (Cuty Gunma), awarded Grand Prix 2014 of "Yuru Chara".(an icon mascot of local region PR).
Please come over with your friends and family.

Hold time is January 17th (Saturday), 19th (Sunday) 2015.

Snowmen Fair

After you fully enjoy events we introduced, we will welcome you to heal your fatigue by warming yourself in Shigaraki porcelain bathtub and sleep in dreamy bed made by exclusive natural wool. We, Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten will be happy for your visit with your family or married couples in good harmony to start new year days with a good fortune. Sincerely looking forward to your visit to Ryumeikan Hotel.

5th, January, 2015