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Here is to introduce our newly presented Noren in this February 2016 hanging at the entrance door of our hotel made by Nakamura Noren located in a town called Kanda. Their shop was opened in Taisho era.


Originally made Noren

Hotel Ryumeikan Honten is happy to present our original Noren for our 1st year of renewal anniversary last year and then finally we completed the great gift showing at the hotel entrance.
The designed pattern of the noren was inspired by a latticework of sliding door of our former-Japanese inn which was renovated in the year of Showa 48 for the high building at present. These patterns are also shown as our original icon in a sliding frame at guest rooms at present and wrapping clothes of amenities.

Why noren now? It was a pure idea brought up by our staff considering how they want to cerebrate our 1st anniversary and finally decided to make something memorable with an inheritance of Ryumeikan.
We expected to complete last September 2015 timely for the 1st anniversary in August. However our staff did not want to give up and enthusiastic much about the best design having a hot discussion over and over.

Generally noren has a various length for usage such as Taiko noren, which covers completely the front face and the other shorter length called Mizuhiki noren. Our solution was a suitable length to have guests flip and enter through the noren. Noren is the typical Japanese crafts to have used as a sign of shop which never seen in any other world. We hope you experience our Japanese culture by passing through the Noren.

How to make a noren

Nakamura Noren, a manufacture of Noren. Nakamura has started manufacturing Noren in the year of Taisho 12th located in Kanda, Gofukubashi, whose manufacturer has closed once but restarted their business in Heisei 26th by the 4th generation Arata Nakamura. Arata designs and manufactures by his own putting deep attention to their handmade, which has been passing and transferring to the next generation.
We respectfully admired his passion so that we made an order for our noren because they have the same axis of our history within the same local town in Kanda.


▲Message from Arata Nakamura, president of Nakamura Dying.

Nakamura Noren is a manufacture with the dyeing method of "Tesuzome" made by well-experienced crafts. The method of "Tenassen" is to dye by one layer and put on glue with a tool called skige, like a tracing spatula to absorb color into a cloth. This dyeing method is used widely for wrapping clothes and hand towels.
However, the wrapping cloth or towel has only one face to put color on, but noren has two faces to be dyed so that dyeing color can not be blurred out of line and penetrates smoothly. This is difficult technique to be needed very experienced technique.

We used a butcher linen for the noren, to be looked dimensionally. The color of the linen is very white so we colored a little bit more ivory white. We hope you can touch the quality and sensitiveness of noren which was made by our well-experienced dyer and sensitive feeling. At the same time you are greatly welcomed to our Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu as well located on the 1st floor.

21st,March 2016