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It’s getting warmer gradually day by day.
We see many school students start new session in April, after some finish last term and the other graduate in March. April is the time to start a new life to be encouraged and motivated with the coming another year.
What kind of memory do you have for spring?

Sakura / Cherry blossom

When you think about spring, we come up with a beautiful Japanese view of cherry blossom. There are many foreigners to visit Japan to appreciate the cherry blossoms. Thanks to the popularity of cherry blossom, our hotel is also receiving many tourists during this season.

Talking about cherry trees, you might think it is a symbolic tree of Japan. But unexpectedly it's considered that the origin of the tree was born nearby the Himalayas.

A Yoshino cherry tree is one of the famous kinds of cherry trees in Japan, which was overwhelmingly planted from the middle time of Meiji era. When media releases announcement of cherry blooming, it's usually meant for the Yoshino cherry trees (Somei yoshino).

Sakura / Cherry blossom

Origin name of Someiyoshino is the name of village.

Our staff studied a little bit about Someiyoshino, firstly about the name of origin. And we found Somei was named by the village called Somei. "Somei village" existed during the time of Edo and Meiji era, located around current Komagome Toshima district in Tokyo. There were many gardeners and planters for Toudo family from Isetsu han (clan) - where is current Tsushi Mie prefecture- living in the village and selling Sakura trees.

At the beginning Sakura was named by one of famous mountain of Yoshino (current Nara mountains) and called "Yoshino Sakura". However it was researched that is different kind from Yoshino origin. So in order not to be confused with the other, the cherry tree named newly "Somei Yoshino" There are so many kinds of cherry trees in Japan, therefore we can classify two kinds with Yamazakura, which is wild plant and Satozakura, which is improved in quality. And Yoshinozakura got classified as a wild Yamazakura , and Someiyoshino became Satozakura.

Sakura / Cherry blossom

Waka (Japanese poem)

If you go out for seeing cherry blossoms, why don't you read Waka? There are some poems in Hyakunin Issyu (the One Hundred Tanka Poems by One Hundred Celebrated poets) as below.

"In this calm and peaceful spring sun, the flowers are falling without calm mind" (by Kino Tomonori)

This poem inspires with the very beautiful view of spring in Japan.

And there is one more like this.

"The flowers withered, Their color faded away, While meaninglessly, I spent my days in the world. And the long rains were falling." (by Komachi Onono)

This poem implies the beauty of color of cherry blossom and herself, inspires both fade away by time flies. This is a very famous poem in Japan. Even for the people who are not familiar with Waka, there might be once to hear of this poem.

Waka is meant of Japanese poem against a Chinese poem. "Manyouhu" (famous 8C poem) which were collected Waka poems.  After Heian era, it's said that Tanka was regulated 5,7,5,7,7,syllables in order.

Sakura / Cherry blossom

Information of Ohanami (flower viewing)

Chidorigafuchi Park
Very famous spot for flower viewing. There are Kitanomaru Park, Chidorigafuchi Park, Sotobori Park, Yasukuni Shrine located nearby.
Due to its popular spots many people visit, there might be entry restriction when it's full. Transportation: From Hanzomon station, 5 minutes walk to Chidorigafuchi Park by Hanzomon line, at the exit of National Theater. Fun to walk around Imperial most and visit Yasukuni Shrine. Roadsides of Chidorigafuchi scales about 700m blooming about 260 cherry trees such as Someiyoshino, Ooshimazakura, Yae zakura. Walking under cherry tunnel, both daytime under warm sunshine and night light up are recommended.

Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine is another popular spot for flower viewing nearby Chidorigafuchi Park. Sakura festival is held every year this time and there are many entertainment events such as dancing, music play and game play. Some unique shops are also placed. The festival is held for about 3 days every year, if you have any interests, please let us know.

Kanda Myojin Shrine
The last recommendation to visit is Kanda Myojin Shrine.
You can walk from Hotel Ryumeikan Ocyanomizu Honten. Kanda Myojin is well known internationally for the 3 greatest Edo festival held in May, Kanda Matsuri (festival). You can enjoy very Japanese majestic scenes and spectacles to match with Sakura viewing.

Sakura / Cherry blossom

Where do you go for flower viewing for yourself?
People enjoy spring viewing flowers as they want , don't they? Some like places local friends gather, others go a little bit further to visit a popular spot. Anyway please take care and don't drink too much....

31st March, 2015