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Seasonal SAKE

Room Service Menu "Autumn SAKE"

Here is to introduce Autumn special room service menu seasonal SAKE "Junmai Ginjo AKI(Autumn) " (2016.9.29)

Nakamura noren

Nakamura Noren

Here is to introduce our newly presented Noren in this February 2016 hanging at the entrance door of our hotel made by Nakamura Noren located in a town called Kanda. Their shop was opened in Taisho era.(2016.3.21)


Ikebana (Flower arrangement)directed by Fumihiko Muramatsu Omotenashi at Ryumeikan

We,Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten welcome you with our sincere "omotenashi"(hospitality) with a fresh flower arrangement (Ikebana) in our all guest rooms having started from October 2015. (2016.1.25)


Real Japan Project

Hotel Ryumiekan Ochanomizu Honten has newly installed "japan Urushi"in our guest rooms to welcome you. Today we would like to speak about these "japan lacquer ware"and artisans.(2016.01.19)

Kanda Myojin

Hot spots for a walk in Kanda Ochanomizu

It became a fully deep autumn nearby Tokyo Ochanomizu. How about just going out for a walk under the wonderful autumn sky? (2015.11.01)

flower arrangement

Flower arrangement lesson

We are happy to announce that we started presenting a flower arrangement in October in our guest rooms advised by a well-known flower artist worldwide, Fumihiko Muramatsu,Here is a blog to show you some photos of our training lesson held by Mr. Muramatsu the other day. (2015.10.01)


Charm of SAKE

Now it is the time in September, and the intense summer heat has gone and it is getting cool gradually.


Fireworks (Hanabi) in Japan

One of the Japanese typical summer feelings to bring us is fireworks. In overseas there are many scenes to display fireworks to bring up events to life such as New Year's Eves. However, here in Japan there are many fireworks festivals to show "Fireworks" especially in summer as a particular common event....

Matcha Beer

Matcha Beer

Have you ever tried Matcha Beer? Our originally made 1899 Matcha(green tea) Beer is booming up. Here is introduced our making of story...



In July we have another Japanese traditional festival called "Tanabata" (Star Festival). Here is a story about Tanabata. (2015.07.01)


Tsuyu season

Tsuyu /Rainy season is a climate phenomenon characteristic seeing in the Eastern Asia, which starts from the beginning of June to mid-July in the early summer.

Warrior's helmet

Tango no Sekku

Such a refreshing season, isn't it? Flying Koinobori (carp streamers) brings me a very refresh feeling. Today I would like to introduce what I've learned about "Tango no Sekku"(Boy's Festival).


Spring has come in Japan Now it's the time for "Sakura"

We see many school students start new session in April, after some finish last term and the other graduate in March. April is the time to start a new life to be encouraged and motivated with the coming another year. What kind of memory do you have for spring?(2015.03.31)



Hinamatsuri is a festival which families with daughters celebrate March 3rd by displaying hina dolls to express the wish for their daughters' good health and growth in happiness.(2015.03.02)


"Goblins away, happiness in"

We hear shouts in high spirits from many houses and places, people's scattering roasted soy beans. (2015.02.03)

Happy New Year for 2015

Happy New Year for 2015

Happy New Year for 2015! So again we appreciate for your continuous support and interest through this year.(2015.01.05)

December in Tokyo

The end of the year

It's already December. There are remarkably seen withered trees around and come fully winter season outside. It was rapidly cooled down this year and we felt winter started suddenly. (2014.12.05)

About Kanda-Ochanomizu

About Kanda-Ochanomizu

n the area Kanda Ochanomizu there are many various faces where Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu is located. Here today is introduced the name origin of Kanda Ochanomizu reported by our staff.(2014.11.24)

Japanese bathing culture

Japanese bathing culture

Do you like taking a bath? We hear frequently that people take only a shower these days, but there should not be many people who don't like bathing as of Japanese. Today we talk about " bathing".(2014.11.14)

November in Tokyo

November in Tokyo

There are already 2 months left for this year. November in Tokyo the climate gets gradually cold indicates weather temperature 13.3 degrees on average (1981-2010y) which shows winter season beginning.(2014.10.31)

Sliding paper door

Sliding paper door

Our mission of Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten is to transfer precious history of more than 100 years founding to the next generation. We would be very pleased if you could be relaxed in our historic luxury.(2014.10.15)

Bed mattress, LARKOWL

Bed mattress, LARKOWL

Luxurious sleep brings you another pleasant day when you spend our hotel. We are confident to introduce ultimate relaxing bed mattress, LARKOWL. (2014.09.09)

Japanese bathtub

Japanese bathtub

Japanese bathtub is one of unique daily lifestyle of Japanese culture. You will be delighted to experience in relaxing bathtub on your stay here in Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten.(2014.08.25)