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Fireworks (Hanabi) in Japan

One of the Japanese typical summer feelings to bring us is fireworks. In overseas there are many scenes to display fireworks to bring up events to life such as New Year's Eves. However, here in Japan there are many fireworks festivals to show "Fireworks" especially in summer as a particular common event. Maybe you might find some problems to participate the Japanese fireworks festivals when you decide to go and watch, for example, which tour information could be appropriate the best and how much it costs, or what you need to prepare. Here are good advices to solve those problems and satisfy you fully enjoy Japanese fireworks.

Fireworks (Hanabi) in Japan

Dates and venues to watch fireworks and how to participate

Japanese fireworks festivals are held mainly in the weekend of July and August. Sometimes it is held weekdays, but still most of venues which launch numerous fireworks are held in weekends. As for the venues it is common to be launched along the sea, lakes and riversides, but there also many spots in the heart of Tokyo to be able to watch the fireworks, where you can easily go by train.

How to go and watch the fireworks: you can buy a reserved viewing seat a few months in advance. But when it is a case of very popular fireworks festivals the tickets are very expensive and even difficult to find available tickets. And there are very few tours for fireworks held in the center of Tokyo.
Depending on the venues to be held but there are some venues to be opened for free seats in the area of riverbed and parking lots it is also good idea to bring leisure sheets to occupy seating spots a few hours before the starting time of the fireworks festival.
Those spots are good enough to watch the fireworks beautiful.For whom to be unsure yet to get good spots, you can find the information in their websites beforehand.

Fireworks (Hanabi) in Japan

Where is the recommended fireworks festival in Japan and how they are?

If you want to watch dynamic fireworks or various kinds of fireworks, there is one key to select by number of fireworks which is launched more than 10,000 in the fireworks festival. You can watch various fireworks in about 1 hour and half or 2 houses, and also when the scale of fireworks festival is big enough, there will be food stalls nearby to enjoy twice as much with festive moods.

Talking about Tokyo held, we recommend one of very popular fireworks festival, Sumida Fireworks Festival (Number of fireworks launched : Approx. 20,000). It is very favorable because the venue is located nearby downtown and the Tokyo Skytree, newly built as the world's tallest broadcasting tower.
Recently there are some venues you can watch fireworks of mascot characters such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty and Ultraman, it is very exciting to watch unexpectedly what kind of fireworks to be shown every time!

Popular fireworks festivals in Tokyo. (bellows are numbers of fireworks launched in the past)
・Sumida River Fireworks Festival (Sumida ward, Tokyo. Number of fireworks launched: Approx..20,000 )
・Edogawa River Fireworks Festival (Edogawa ward, Tokyo.Number of fireworks launched: Approx. 14,000)
・Katushika Noryo (Summer Evening) Fireworks Festival (Katsushika ward, Tokyo. Number of fireworks launched: Approx. 13,000 )
・Adachi Fireworks Festival (Adachi ward, Tokyo. Number of fireworks launched: Approx. 12,000 )
・Itabashi Fireworks Festival (Itabashi ward, Tokyo. Number of fireworks launched: Approx.12,000)
・Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival (Chuo ward, Tokyo. Number of fireworks launched: Approx. 12,000 )
・Jingu Grand Fireworks Festival (Shinjuku ward, Tokyo. Number of fireworks launched: Approx.10,000 )

Also there are larger scale fireworks festivals outside Tokyo in Japan.But there will be expected much congestion during the times with large spectators coming from all over Japan, it is very tough to book hotel rooms every year.Those fireworks festivals are called "The Three Biggest Displays of Fireworks in Japan" because of their long history and opening scale.

・Grand Fireworks Show in Nagaoka (Niigata pref. Number of fireworks launched : 20,000 in 2 days)
・All Japan Fireworks Competition (Akita pref. Number of fireworks launched: 18,000 )
・Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition Festival (Ibaragi pref. Number of fireworks launched: 20,000)
・Fukuroi Enshu Fireworks (Shizuoka pref. Number of fireworks launched: 25,000)
・Koga Fireworks Festival (Ibaragi pref. Number of fireworks launched: 25,000 )
・Toyoda Oiden Fireworks Festival (Aichi pref. Number of fireworks of launched: 13,000 )
・Akagawa Memorial Fireworks Festival (Yamagata pref. Number of fireworks of launched: 12,000)
・Joso Kinugawa River Fireworks Festival (Ibaragi pref. Number of fireworks launched: 10,000)
・Kumano Grand Fireworks Festival (Mie pref. Number of fireworks launched: 10,000)

Fireworks (Hanabi) in Japan

What you wear to participate fireworks festivals

Once you decide to go to a fireworks festival, we highly recommend you to wear Yukata (a cotton/gauze Kimono). Yukata is a Japanese traditional costume and cozy to wear cool in summer, even feel sense of summer elegance.
But it is extremely expensive to arrange entire full set of kimono dressing and also bulky heavy to bring for your trip. So here you go that there is a good idea to use rental Yukata includes your dressing. There are many rental dressing shops not only for ladies but for men as well these days, so that it is worth to try together with your friends, your family and even couples.
*All of below information are available for rentals of men and ladies.The information is valid for August 1, 2015. Please see the above URL for further details.

- OK for one night rental from \3,980-
- Discount bonus for more than 2 pieces rentals
- Reasonable price
- Wide rental network such as Roppongi, Shinjuku and others even in New York !

■Hair Boutique Lions 327
- OK for one night rental from \6,500-
- For rental reservation: 3 days beforehand. Valid for email booking.
- English site is available.
- Location: Shinjuku ( about 20 min. by JR Chuo line from our hotel)

■Kimono Rental AKI
- OK for one night rental from about \10,000-
- Available for delivery service of dressing
- Shibuya honten, Ikebukuro, Ginza, Yokohama
- Look "customer gallery" in our Facebook

Fireworks (Hanabi) in Japan


It is important to check further detailed information as well in such as websites and SNS of basic prohibitions and important points beforehand you go for Japanese fireworks festivals.There are some prohibitions claimed by Japanese fireworks festivals such as like which you can not occupy viewing seats in advance or strict rules of unlawful dumping of garbage. So please keep well mannered following to precise information in order to let festivals continued in the future. Additionally it is better as well to plan for returning transportation beforehand due to the huge congestion on the day.Now please participate to enjoy Japanese fireworks festivals on your summer vacation.

5th August,2015