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We,Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten welcome you with our sincere “omotenashi”(hospitality) with a fresh flower arrangement (Ikebana) in our all guest rooms having started from October 2015. This service was realized by a worldwide well-known flower designer, Fumihiko Muramatsu.


Fresh flowers in your room

We receive fresh flowers every 5 days carefully coordinated by Mr. Fumihiko Muramatsu, a worldwide well-known flower designer. And we arrange those into a flower urushi base (Japanese lacquer base)placed in all rooms. You will find our beautiful arrangements on the room wall and in a glass table.
Wall flower base was designed by Fumihiko Muramatsu and originally made by the prominent artisan of wood framework and lacquer. (please see the details here.) And we presented a knitted rush("igusa") flower mat which allows a beautiful combination of traditional and contemporary Japanese crafts, Suwakou.

Hope you may experience yourself with the feeling of Japanese season and wabi-sabi (authentic sense) seeing through the entire scene of flower arrangement.

Fumihiko Muramatsu, a international flower designer

Fumihiko Muramatsu is a worldwide well-known flower designer, who won an 7th"Inter-Flora World Cup"champion in 1989, and received 3 times of Prime Minister's Award, and awarded in the other many global contests. Muramatsu won in the Inter-Flora World Cup as the first Japanese winner (at present of 2012) among very competitive members of flower arrangement skill and artistic design joined from 140 countries. He is dedicating now to convey the joy of flower design widely to the person, to region and to the world.
We are honored to welcome him with our official partnership and happy to present you a flower arrangement directed by this master.

Muramatsu's archives
- photo above: "Skyscraper"
- photo below: "SILKROAD"

◆Profile of Fumihiko Muramatsu

【1951】 Born in Shizuoka
【1989】 Won the 7th Inter-Flora World Cup Champion
【1990】 Awarded Prime Minister's Award
Judge of International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka
【1995】 Lecturer of NHK TV "Hobby all sorts of subjects"
【1998】 - Designed the bouquet of commendation ceremonies of "The Nagano Winter Olympics"
      - Designed the bouquet of commendation ceremonies of "The Sabae International Exercises championship
【2002】 - Chief designer of the Japan Government indoor display in Floriade 2001 international gardening exhibition"in Netherlands.
      - Chief designer of the Japan Government indoor display in Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2002
【2004】 Produced the flower stage of "The gardening culture building" in Hamanako Flower Expo"
【2006】 Produced "ZEN IN PARIS"
【2007】 Produced "Tropical wedding in Guam"
【2008】 Displayed "Skyscraper" in Four Seasons hotel GEORGE V" in Paris and in Hannover international exhibition, VIP room of "Hermes lounge"
【2009】 - Displayed "Skyscraper" and "SILKROAD" in Museum fur Angewwandte Kunst Frankfurt" in Frankfurt.
     - Displayed "SILKROAD" at REALJAPAN exhibition in "Bauhaus-Archive" in Berlin.
【2010】 - Displayed "Skyscraper" and "SILKROAD"at REALJAPAN exhibition in "Four Seasons hotel Chinzanso-Tokyo" in Tokyo
- Displayed "SILKROAD"in Arbor day by their Majesties the Emperor and Empress
- Displayed "Skyscraper" and "SILKROAD"in "RESIDENTS"in Munich

◆Official website of Fumihiko Muramatsu : click here
Blogabout his giving lecture of flower arrangement to our hotel staff of Hotel Ryumaikan Ochanomizu Honten.