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Hotel Ryumiekan Ochanomizu Honten has newly installed “japan Urushi”in our guest rooms to welcome you. Today we would like to speak about these “japan lacquer ware”and artisans.


We really hope our guests can experience "the glory of Japanese crafts" during your stay in our hotel with our best hospitality, so that we coordinate by our own such as room furnishing and equipment. So today we are very much confident to introduce you the exclusively selected japan lacquer ware for its prominent craftsmanship and excellent design.

The object is selected from "Real Japan"collection, which was established for the project to realize the real essence of Japanese crafts as named "Meshiwan no sato"(village of rice bowl= daily use of Japanese crafts), on the contrary to the japan as of cultural arts. On this purpose, the project promotes the high standards of manufacturing quality in order to receive strong orders from well-known museum worldwide.
The activities of Real Japan organized by Meshiwan no sato project was started in 2007 gathered with exclusive craftsmen from the region of Wajima, Echizen, Wakasa, Yamanaka and Kyoto. These craftsmen achieved the ultimately traditional skill of japan and established the most prominent japan products. Not only their technique, but also unique design by prominent designers such as Frits Frekler and Dieter Rams (industrial designers in Germany), Fumihiko Muramatsu (Winner of Interflora in 2007), Masatoku Umeda (a leading Japanese product designer) and Morimasa Sakata (an industrial designer). Designing collection has been introduced in exclusive venues, such as high end hotels , museum and exhibitions in Paris (France), Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlrin and Munich (Germany), and they received great feedback and high evaluation for its quality and design not only in Europe but in Asia and the other regions as well.

The flower japan vase displayed in our guest rooms is designed by Fumihiko Muramatsu, who joins the Real Japan Project. The vase is a replica of the work called "Silk road"to approach to the quality of his fine work valued as much as 100,000,000 yen.(830,000USD/@120)
Please appreciate the beauty of japan crafts once you step in your room.
(* please see our flower arrangements using in these japans.)


Enjoy sake with japan sake cup

Please enjoy the taste of sake with an excellent japan sake cup selected by Real Japan Project, which was produced by Marutomi Japan. You can experience its sensitive touch and the encounter of japan beauty. The cup will be served with sake order for our room service.

Meisters to inherit prominent craft in current times

Kazuo Satake
(Wood turner from Yamanaka region)

Currently prominent artisan of wood turning from Yamanaka region. His severe selection of wood materials by his well-experienced and supreme skill completes the perfect wood turning.

Yoshio Nakahama
(Lacquer ground worker from Wajima region)

Prominent artisan of lacquer groundwork in Wajima region. His perfectly experienced skills are combined with original creativity. By these process and severe selection of materials and tools enables the solid and beautiful ground of lacquer works.

Shoichi Hatanaka
(Lacquerer from Echizen region)

Prominent lacquerer of finishing solid and profound shine of objects. Also his prominent skills of polishing is splendid to raise the beauty of zelkova wood grain.

Takayuki Inoue
(Wood turner from Echizen region)

Prominent square wood turner from Echizen region. His severe eyes on selecting materials and ultimate precision of turning process of edging, gluing and finishing is already arts, and no one could be rivals.

Kenichi Shiraki
(Ground worker from Wajima region)

Prominent artisan of Ground work from Wajima region. Beautifully smoothed surface processed on the continuous operation of ground working and planning woods enables the combination with solid and beauty. There is no words than saying excellence for the dignified beauty of surface.

Fumio Nakata
(Lacquerer from Wajima region)

Prominent artisan of lacquerer from Wajima region. His severe definition of lacquer quality and process up to the mixing and lacquering, completes solid finish with his proficient and high standards of skills and coloring.

Masao Yamagami (Lacquer polish )

Currently prominent artisan of lacquer polish to be proud of Wajima region. Severely selection of materials and tools, and his specular finishing coating brings dignified intense, and even rather perfect transparency.