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Pride of "Made in JAPAN"

Luxurious sleep brings you another pleasant day when you spend our hotel.
We are confident to introduce ultimate relaxing bed mattress, LARKOWL. Consistant brand named IWATA has been born in Kyoto in the year of 1830. Their ingeniously handmades are taken into its long history till to stand for an pioneer of gentle sleep. Great efforts with exclusive patents with high quality of feather fabrication in 1964,IWATA has been kept its consistent brand.

Seasonable comfort

LARKOWL mattress is made to adjust to Japanese climate in season and brings you ultimately comfortable sleep all the time.

Care for sustainability

IWATA has been paying attention to our future sustainability in nature. Their great effort to develop ecological layered structure, which was inspired by "Tatami", certifies you tender sleep. Approved with Ecotex. "Mottainai"=waste philosophy brings in their promising company mission in all phases of manufacturing to remake products.

We, Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu has no doubt to capable for your gift with LARKOWL most pleasant sleeping time in our hotel.