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Ogura Yukata

¥6,000(including tax)

The Ogura Yukata is available for 6,000 yen (including tax). It boasts an exclusive design for Ryumeikan. Wear the Ogura Yukata at home to re-experience your time at Ryumeikan

【Product description】

The Ogura Yukata was designed by Mitsuko Ogura from Ogura Design & Dye Studio.
The artist designed the especially robe for the hotel based on the theme of a place called Gofukubashi while staying at Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, a branch hotel of Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten.

Profile of Mitsuko Ogura
Edo-style katazome (dying with models) artist
1967: Born in Kanda, Tokyo.
1994: Completed a degree course in the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.
Became a pupil of Kozaburo Nishi, a dyer, to learn the Edo culture and katazome.
1997: Established Ogura Design & Dye Studio.
   Plans and creates various katazome works including Japanese-style bathrobes, towels, geta (sandal) straps and noren (curtains). Her work covers the entire process of katazome, ranging from designing and model engraving to dyeing

【Product details】

The Ogura Yukata is one of the activities that forms part of Art Ryumeikan Tokyo, which is operated by Ryumeikan.
We asked Ms. Ogura to design the robe based on the theme of Gofukubashi, a good old place, and its surroundings with reference to a variety of literature with a view to respecting the artist and the value of the locality.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo is located on Sotobori Street, which used to be an enormous moat that separated Marunouchi, the area inside the castle moat, from the areas outside the moat. Gofukubashi Bridge was located at the Gofukubashi intersection of today. It is said that Gofukubashi Bridge was named after numerous kimono dealers who were purveyors of the Edo shogunate (gofuku means kimono). There used to be many moats running around Edo Castle, however they were buried during the war. The name of the intersection is the only remaining reminder of the moat.

【How to purchase】

These products are currently only available at the hotel's reception.
If you would like to purchase any of them via telephone call or email, please talk to the hotel staff.