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Our unique bathtub, Shigaraki Pottery


Our unique pottery bathtub is becoming more favored item these days for guests to stay in Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten. We hear many local people and even customers from abroad make more orders of this particular pottery bathtub these days.
For whom wants to release yourself in splendid time with pottery bathtub.

【About Shigaraki-yaki ware】

Shigaraki ware is well-known for figures of representing raccoon. The Shigaraki Kiln is famous for the one of the Six Old Kilns of Japan of its history started in Kamakura era according to a historical record of art and craft.
The Shigaraki's sticky clay is suitable to enable very durable pottery especially wide range of large products such as water jar, seed jar, tea jar, tea utensils, sake flask, brazier and flowerpot.
Shigaraki pottery has been known throughout Japan since it was designated as a traditional crafts in 1976. Marumoto Porcelain Inc., a manufacturer of the bathtub in Shiga prefecture has been producing more than 4000 pieces in 1200 locations over 30 years as a pioneer of manufacturing pottery bathtub. Marumoto remains the highest standard of integrated production from designing, manufacturing and delivering by their own.

【How to order 】

You may contact a concierge desk at the Hotel Ryumekan Ochanomizu Honten directly or by telephone calls or emails.
Delivery term will be confirmed to demand their total custom made depending on product specification, which it may take some months to deliver.