Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten



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Our mission of Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten is to transfer precious history of more than 100 years founding to the next generation. We would be very pleased if you could be relaxed in our historic luxury.

Once you step in your room you may catch an impressive "Shoji" (sliding paper door), of which facilitated in all 9 rooms. The wooden frames inspire you of the same pattern ones which were used in our old wooden Ryokan Ryumeikan from the year of 1927 to 1975. In those days we were so much particular about interior and design to satisfy customer's stay. And it can be said those impressive Shoji was to present one of those particular hospitality.

Over the years Shoji became gradually out of use by forward trends. However we wanted to sustain traditional use, so to put the design pattern for room keys of which also used for the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo in 2009. And finally we installed real Shoji (sliding paper door) in the founding place Ochanomizu as well as designed for room key.

Even though we lost many properties through Kanto Great Earthquake and war air raid, by recalling design those days we still believe it can be spin our time for the future. You will find the same pattern drawn in a furoshiki ( wrapping cloth) which wraps particular amenities in your bathroom. Shoji is our symbol of Ryumeikan history when has been inherited over the years..

Knowing contemporary design is cool as well, but we sincerely hope you enjoy yourself with historic time of Ryumeikan.