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Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten is situated in Kanda-Ochanomizu, an area with diverse aspects, including music, schools, hospitals, venerable businesses, and used-book stores. With Kanda Myojin, Kanda Festival, and other events, the area is also strongly associated with rituals. You will find a wide range of gourmet options, including many cozy restaurants where you feel the ownership, and which will always have something to excite your appetite. Despite its city-center location, the area is verdant, creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you feel like making a little side trip, you can also experience other tasteful neighborhoods, such as Kagurazaka, Kudanshita, Tokyo Dome City, Yushima, and Akihabara. Please visit us at Hotel Ryumeikan and explore Kanda-Ochanomizu and its surrounding areas.

 Kanda & Ochanomizu landscape

Explore Kanda Myojin and rich cultural attractions in the neighborhood

Today, the Ochanomizu area has seen redevelopment and refurbishing with new high-rise condominiums and office buildings being built. Coupled with the partial renovation of Ochanomizu Station, the old image of the neighborhood as a musical instrument town or a student center is changing.
Situated in the center of Tokyo, the town is surrounded by charming, historical districts: Kagurazaka, where narrow cobblestone streets add historical charm; Akihabara, a unique town that has earned not only a domestic but also an international reputation; Kudanshita, which boasts the Yasukuni Shrine with its rich history; Yushima, home to the Yushima Tenjin Shrine; Suidobashi, where the Tokyo Dome City receives sports fans from all over the country.



A new tourist spot reborn in Kanda-Ochanomizu

The viaduct of red-brick Manseibashi Bridge, which was originally completed in 1912 (Meiji 45), has been transformed into one of the area's leading tourist venues.
The former Manseibashi Station served as a growth driver for the Kanda Suda-cho area, which flourished as a popular shopping street. However, in 1943 (Showa 18), as the Pacific War was becoming more serious, owing partly to a decrease in the number of passengers, Manseibashi Station was closed with the relocation of the Suda Intersection and the establishment of the Railroad Museum in the station building. The Railroad Museum changed its name to the Transportation Museum, which was finally closed in 2006 as the facilities were becoming aged. Today, what is now called the "mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi Bridge" features continuous brick arches preserved from the era of the former Manseibashi Station and the Transportation Museum. This reborn, completely new sightseeing spot in Kanda houses many dining and other commercial facilities.


Hobby characteristics exciting intellectual curiosity.

Tourist attraction

Jimbocho (10mins by walk)
Kanda-Myojin (10mins by walk)
Kagurazaka (6mins by train from JR Ochanomizu Sta.)
Tokyo Dome City(3mins by train JR Ochanomizu Sta.)
Akihabara (10mins by walk)
Imperial palace (2mins by train from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)
Yasukuni Shrine(6mins by train from JR Ochanomizu Sta.)

Convenience store

FamilyMart (1min by walk)
7-Eleven(2mins by walk)
LAWSON(3mins by walk)


Medical Hospital of Tokyo Medical and Dental University (15mins by walk)
Juntendo University Hospital(15mins by walk)
Surugadai Nihon University Hospital (3mins by walk)
Nihon University School of Dentistry (3mins by walk)
Kamio Memorial Hospital Foundation (3mins by walk)
Kyoundo Hospital (5mins by walk)
Obatakai Hamada Hospital (12mins by walk)