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We are happy to announce that we started presenting a flower arrangement in October in our guest rooms advised by a well-known flower artist worldwide, Fumihiko Muramatsu,Here is a blog to show you some photos of our training lesson held by Mr. Muramatsu the other day.

lesson start

The heating summer ended and started poetic autumn season started falling down in season and nature. We are preparing for the next step of our "new challenge" for Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten!!

We had a flower arrangement lesson the other day by a worldwide well-known florist, Fumihiko Muramatsu. The lesson was given to us beginners in a enjoyable atmosphere by him and he brought many beautiful seasonable flowers and leaves.
The lesson this time was themed on the arrangement putting in a shallow vase. We picked up flowers, leaves and seeds as we like, and arranged those freely into the vase.

lesson of flower arrangement

The lecture Mr. Muramatsu made was very easy to understand for beginners and he also taught us the joy of flowers. ♪
For example....
asking why "a cluster amaryllis" was planted in a bank?


His reply was that its bulb has a poison so that it was planted in a bank to put away small animals such as moles and field mice from digging holds.
Nimble conversation made our lesson comfortable to be able to create a beautiful arrangement even for the first time.


【Challenge to improve for an authentic hotel. Flower arrangement in season. 】
Starting flower arrangement in October supervised by a worldwide well-known florist, Fumihiko Muramatsu.

memorial photo

Japan is a beautiful country to show its beauty passing through the four seasons.
Our challenge newly started with our hearted hospitality to present local and foreign guests "to experience the four season with the 5 senses".
Feeling and scent of flowers brings different scenes every time we see, and that is also attractive.


We would like to welcome you with our tasteful flower arrangement by hands.

Fumihiko Muramatsu

Born in Shizuoka prefecture, 1951.
After graduated from American Floral Art School in Chicago, trained in the US and Europe.
Champion of 7th Interflora World Cup in 1989, who won for the first prize outside Europe.
Three times of winner of Prime Minister's Awards and other numerous awards.
Designed award bouquets for the Nagano Winter Olympic Games in 1998, and joined in a project of urushi product brand "REALJAPAN" in 2008-2009 collecting urushi expertise to design the flower base.
Giving aggresive flower exhibits, flower lessons and key-notes in worldwide.
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