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Japanese breakfast to relax morning time in a hidden urban Japanese inn. Brings a splendid and tranquil morning in your room.
Unique and colorful components for our sincere guests staying at Hotel Ryumeikan produced by the grand-chef of GREEN TEA RESTAURANT 1899 OCHANOMIZU.


RYUGOZEN ~Full Traditional Japanese Breakfast Prepared in a Bento-Box~
3,300yen (Tax and service charge included)

Ryugozen is served with a colorful components with seasonal ingredients and unique tea recipe by our tea restaurant. Distinctive steam rice, produced by Okachu Farm in Nagano prefecture where is northern part of Shinshu region, cooked in an Earthen Pot experiences you our traditional adored taste of rice. Surprising its aroma and flavor to match our original home cookings such as Grilled fish in season, tea leaves boiled in sweetened soy sauce and other delightful various small plates.

・Selection of side dishes
・Grilled fish in season
・Homemade Japanese omelette
・tea leaves boiled in sweetened soy sauce
・Steamed Rice cooked in an Earthen Pot
・Miso soup
・Japanese Pickles
・Seasonal Fresh Fruits
* Ingredients are subject to change depending on the season.

ASAGE with Bread ~Light Breakfast with Bread~
1,760yen (Tax and service charge included)

・Two Eggs in any style
<Fried, Omelette, Scrambled, Poached or Boiled>
・ Homemade Sausage seasoned with Tea Leaves
・ Fresh Salad
・ Vegetable Soup
・ Selection of Bread
・ Seasonal Fresh Fruits

ASAGE with Onigiri (Rice Ball )~Light Breakfast with Rice Ball ~
1,760yen (Tax and service charge included)

・Seasonal Vegetable Miso Soup
・ Two Onigiri (Rice Ball)
  Your choice of Filling
 -Salted Kelp
 -Salted Plum
 -Spicy Cod Roe
 -Tea Leaves boiled in Sweetened Soy Sauce
 - Dried Baby Sardines with Japanese Pepper
・Japanese Style Selection of Side Dishes
・ Japanese Pickles
・ Seasonal Fresh Fruits

Morning tea

Start your morning with Ochanomizu (ocha means tea and mizu means water).
Please enjoy our in-room specially brended green tea together with your breakfast. There have been a Japanese daily custom of drinking a cup of green tea in the morning, which is said from our ancient time that it brings a beginning of healthy and happy day to prevent from disaster.
Hope you enjoy and appreciate the tea for your good day.

NOTICE for our breakfast meals

■Serving time to your room : 7:00AM - 10:00AM
■ Order available until 22:00PM in a previous night.
■ Ingredients will be changed depending on occasional menu and season delivery.
■ For one who has allergy to any foods please let us know in advance.